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MicroWave 18/8 Nanolite Ring/TiON Frame 9 Guide Casting Single Foot Set

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The new MW18’s offer the most advanced line control for heavier casting applications while specifically designed as a fly rod stripping guide to capture and instantly control fly line for longer smoother casts. The MW18/8 offers an 18mm secondary ring with an 8mm primary ring in 4 configurations; Single stripping guide option, double foot 8mm running guide option, single foot running guide option and an HD single foot option in Polished or the new “Black Diamond” frame finishes.


  • Fly Rod stripping guides
  • Pike and Musky rods
  • Saltwater inshore and nearshore
  • Surf casting rods
  • Catfish rods
  • Salmon and Steelhead rods
  • Large swim bait rods

Measurement Key:

Height A: Bottom of the foot to bottom of the ring ID

Height B: Bottom of the foot to top of ring ID

Height C: Total guide height





Height A

Height B

Height C


Ring ID

Foot 1

Foot 2

Total Length




13.60 mm

19.55 mm

25.80 mm

3.80 gm

12.78 mm

9.92 mm

10.37 mm

48.50 mm




12.63 mm

17.92 mm

25.80 mm

3.50 gm

13.63 mm

9.92 mm

10.37 mm

48.50 mm